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Divorce should lead to complete financial separation

13371859_S.jpgWhen you are married, you may have numerous joint financial ties. When you decide to divorce, you need to make certain that all of those ties are completely severed. This is because when you divorce in Missouri, the divorce settlement between you and your former spouse is a contract. The important element in that contract is that it only binds you and your former spouse.

Maybe they should have divorced sooner?

11682311_S.jpgOften times, when people speak disparaging of divorce, they will point out either expressly or impliedly that one reason it is "bad," is because of the negative effect it has on children. And there are various studies that show that children of divorce may experience some negative behavior which is attributed to the fact that their parents were divorced.

An overview of the prenuptial agreement

29290359_S.jpgThe "prenup" a word that bring shudders to newly minted couples. This article will review the basics of a prenuptial agreement, also called "premarital agreement," to dispel some of those preconceptions. A prenup does not have to be a comprehensive deal that submits to the eventuality of divorce. They can be limited to ensure that property is properly divided upon the unanticipated death of one of the spouses. It can also be used to ensure that caring for the dog doesn't fall on just one person.

What assistance with your divorce do you need?

10783408_S.jpgEvery marriage and divorce is different. With some marriages, the spouses no longer have any love for each other and may not enjoy being in each other's company. For children in this relationship, the effect of this falling out can be variable. If their parent's have become "roommates," who can function together, the children may suffer from less affection and experience much coolness and overly long silences as their parent's relationship worsens.

Alimony in Missouri; don't count on it

8572958_S.jpgWhen some couples divorce, the question of alimony may arise. Alimony, or maintenance as it is known in Missouri, is being awarded to more men, as some women now out-earn their husbands. Unsurprisingly, women are no different from men when it comes to their dislike of paying maintenance to their former spouse.

Do you want to risk a mistake with your divorce?

7140515_S.jpgFor most legal matters, you can "do it yourself." This may appear to be an attractive option for many Columbia residents in need of a divorce. After all, what more do you need to do than fill out some forms you could find on the internet and take them to your local Missouri family court?

Not really broken, but time for a change

23200694_S.jpgOnce upon a time, when a couple divorced, it was often for "bad" reasons. There was adultery or some form of spousal abuse. Before the advent of no-fault divorce, many states required a showing of some "wrongdoing" on the part of the other spouse. At that time, people spoke, in hushed tones, of "broken marriages." In Missouri, and many states, that is no longer the case.

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